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Do You Really Need to Hire Freelancers For Your Wix Website

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The Advantages of Hiring Freelancers

  • Availability: Finding and hiring freelancers has become quick and easy with the rise of online platforms. These platforms streamline the hiring process, allowing business owners to post job offers, select the best-fit candidates and track freelancer performance. Payment models can be chosen based on the required scope of work.

  • Flexibility: Collaborating with freelance developers offers the desired level of flexibility. Projects can be ended at any convenient time without dealing with paperwork, making it easy to find a new freelancer.

  • Diversity: Hiring freelancers provides the freedom to choose from diverse skill sets. They specialize in hard-to-find technologies and emerging areas such as AI, data science, machine learning, and IoT. The global reach of freelancers is advantageous, particularly in countries where the local supply of tech talent is limited.

  • Cost: Freelancers offer cost-effective services with average hourly rates for web programmers, mobile developers, and game developers. Working with freelancers eliminates extra charges related to infrastructure setup, health insurance, sick leave, and other expenses associated with hiring in-house employees.

Risks Associated with a Freelance Workforce

  • Missed Deadlines: Freelancers often take on multiple projects simultaneously, leading to challenges in managing the scope and timing of tasks. They may prioritize higher-paying or nearing-deadline projects, causing delays in other responsibilities.

  • Lack of Commitment: Remote freelance employees may have lower commitment levels due to the abundance of choices and lack of contractual obligations. They might abruptly quit projects or delay them until deadlines become pressing. Some freelancers may also lack a stable internet connection or necessary software, impacting timely project delivery.

  • Security: Startups working with remote freelancers should prioritize transparency and security. Temporary employees and contractors have been identified as weak security links, as they have access to the company's systems, data repositories, and process documents. Clear security guidelines and regular checks are essential to safeguard assets.

Tips for Effective Cooperation with Freelance Workers

  • Seek Recommendations: Ask colleagues or contact an experienced staffing company to find reliable and vetted freelancers.

  • Use Reliable Platforms: Utilize platforms that provide guarantees and thoroughly examine online reviews and the work experience of potential candidates. Freelance workplaces simplify payment processes across different locations.

  • Consider Market Specifics: Explore the specificities of your target country's market and take into account time and cultural differences when making hiring decisions.

  • Maintain Stability: Foster long-term working relationships with trusted freelancers instead of constantly engaging new ones.

  • Open Communication: Keep communication lines open through regular standups and video calls to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Utilize Task Management Tools: Employ task tracking, continuous integration, and shared repositories to monitor the team's progress.

  • Hybrid Team Communication: Create a hybrid team chat where dedicated employees can communicate with freelancers to maintain a sense of integrity between remote and in-house employees.

In summary, working with freelancers offers various benefits and drawbacks. While some freelancers may not meet expectations, others can quickly solve critical issues. By following the provided tips, you can avoid pitfalls and maximize the value derived from collaborating with freelance specialists.


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